Castro Urdiales 2006

Scientific Committee (Coquand T., Lombardi H., Paule P., Rubio J.)

Organization Committee (Diaz-Toca G., Rubio J.)

The 2006 map meeting was held from January 9th (monday) to January 13th (friday), 2006, in Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Lodging and meals took place at the hotel Las Rocas.

In this edition the organization of MAP was sligthly different to the three previous years. Mornings were devoted to invited talks and tutorials. So, the number of contributed talks decreased considerably with respect to previous MAPs. As a consequence, the selection process was more strict. The Scientific Committee tried to keep a trade-off among the different areas with representation in the MAP community. Please, don't consider a non acceptation as a critic to the quality of your work: it is an issue more related to the balance of topics.

Nevertheless, the number of participants in this edition was equivalent to previous MAPs. You were all welcome.

The invited speakers were:

Furthermore, four tutorials were held:


Here you shall find the slides of the talks which were given in this MAP meeting. The title is in gray if no file has been provided yet. By alphabetical order:


See also the poster of Gema Diaz-Toca, in association with her talk.