¤ Suggested hotel

  • Hotel La Capannina
    via Tito Speri 7
    Boccadasse, Genova
    tel +39010363205
    fax +390103622692

¤ Casa Paganini

  • Casa Paganini
    piazza di Santa Maria in Passione 32
    Genova Centro

    Directions to Casa Paganini from Piazza De Ferrari

    Walk along Via Dante to Piazza Dante and look for Cristopher Columbus's House "Casa di Colombo". (It is a fake, but never mind that!)
    It is a small stone house on your right as you get to the corner of Via Dante and Piazza Dante and it had a nice cloister behind. Columbus's House is at the footstep of a gentle staircase that climbs to Porta Soprana, one of the real gates to the old town. Walk under the gate, and turn left on Via di Ravecca to reach Piazza di Sarzano.
    Go across the Piazza to the other end and take Via di Santa Croce to the little square Piazza di Santa Croce. Walk across the square and take right under Archivolto San Silvestro which leads to Salita San Silvestro which continues into Via di Santa Maria di Castello. After 100 meters, Piazza di Santa Maria in Passione is on your right.
    Casa Paganini (another fake, Paganini's real birthplace is buried under a modern building some 500 meters to the East) is in the furthest corner.